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The Dragon run continues! and I plan to begin delivering my promised Vore collection based on the souls series soon. Expect lots of activity this fall, and be sure to check me out on youtube! 

The Realms of Cerulia by TorarieUmbra
The Realms of Cerulia
A map I Drew up for a Zelda/Darksouls Crossover, Feel free to use it for your own RPs.
Brown Triangles are mountains
green lines are realm borders
Blue lines are rivers

Each realm only has one town with the acception of Alin-Fay the forest realm to the northwest, and Yan-Hao-Yao to the north east. Dreskeligan the desolate Isle, is a Prison City guarded by the Mor'heelo a giant water monster, like a whale, that devours only sentient tresspassers, its said that those the Mor'heelo devour, are imprisoned in its belly forever, never allowed to sleep or die. Garceelion has the city of Highrock, a castle town built into the side of an active volcano, using the lava as a source of constant metals and gems, they use fire dwelling lizard folk called Sailanders to keep the lava flowing in the directions they want. The Sharll Desert has Mabachor' Outpost and a monster of its own, a Sphinx Queen and an army of lesser Sphinx. The Deepest part of Alin-Fey is home to the Fairy Queen and the realm of old strange magics, though the outskirts of the forrest lands are home to many a townsfolk so long as they respect the forest. But if your greedy, the fairy folk will come...and all that's left are bones when that happens. Bones of horses, dogs, bears, even dragons and men. True fairies are not to be underestimated. Han-Yao-Hao has a villaige of Giants, and a fabled city of Dragons. And Gal' Fjord has a town much like Venice, a city on the water. Its basically like the anime Berzerk, during the golden age arc. But smaller kingdoms. Each land is basically hostile towards eachother, but Gal'Fjord is neutral, sacred grounds. A sky spirit guards Gal'Fjord, it distends uppon battlefields and devours whole armies in great malestroms then scaters them to the winds...the lucky ones land in the oceans...the unlucky break uppon the earth. It only distends in scenes of great war, petty quarrels and squabbles are beneith that spirits conscern. The Town in Gal'Fjord is Bilwood at the western fork in the river, at a place where the waters are widest, pushed outwards by the stonework of men and beast, it's location is made popular due to the spirits protection
(Vore Warning: This and further writings in this novel series contain scenes of Vore, you have been warned)

The Masonian Chronicals
[Book 1: The Children of Rebirth]

-Ch. 1 The Age of Flora-
Within the confines of a grand temple, built of thousands of different materials, stone, clay, diamond, gold and even plastic, a single figure stood at a lap top, recording her thoughts before a single brown colored sphere which looked to be made of wood, the sphere hovered in place surrounded by fragments of other beautiful shells in the middle of three colossal pillars which appeared to be the foundation for the triangular room. And into her laptop she illustrated in words her feelings.

Log 8412,
Date: 4,411,985,411 Mechanical Era
Dr, Cristine Golba,
Temple of the Twelve

[It is astounding imagining how long the gods have lived, and knowing Humanity has lived even longer is bewildering to mortal minds. The sages are still talking about the Machine goddess’s ascention even though it happened over three eons ago, that’s three billion years by the way…]

*A soft, subtle pop echoed about the cascading stone chamber, though the doctor did not notice for how ambiguous the sound was, like a whisper of a ghost. As the Brown eggs shell splintered and bloomed like a flower releasing fragments of bark and wood to float around itself, it revealed within, thousands of petals, that changed layer by layer creating a gigantic bloom over a hundred feet wide which floated down to the ground and came to rest at an angle, its roots planted themselves and overtook the temple stones. And from the flowers center bathed in sweet nectar rolled a ball of pink and brown, a creature which resemboled something like a dinosaur, but with stout strong hindlegs, and dainty forelegs, a petit slender face and torso, and a wide abdomen and tail, it bore twin saplings on its eye ridge, and eyes as red as blood but with white divine pupils as they blinked awake into the world for the first time.*

*The scientist had only just noticed the subtle changes in the environment, most notably, the intoxicating scent which seemed to swallow up everything in the room, slowly she stopped typing and looked up, only to be shocked at what her eyes beheld, she froze, for before her was a living legend, a being of power beyond myth or dreams. For Billions of years the world awaited her birth, and on this day She was the only witness, She stopped recording what she thought, and began to record what she saw, as the newborn deity rose from her tired feet and began exploring her environment, she was small, no larger than a dog, or so the doctor thought, but the longer she was awake, the larger she grew, rapidly gaining size, in mere minuets she was as large as a bear and lifted up to walk upon two huge powerful legs, a few minuets later, and she was a great dragoness, at a count of twelve minuets, she sprouted huge petals as her clothing, a coat and tabard just like the other gods before her, with a great frill. A supernatural beauty surrounded her thick frame, Tremendous hips, tail, and rump supported on dainty feet and great arms far thicker than her predecessors. She was worlds different from her kin, the saplings upon her brow had sprouted into grand cherry trees, as she leaned back and yawned into the ceiling, a sound that made the doctors eardrums tickle as she yawned with the deity.*

*The tremendous creature stepped forward then leaned down to walk on her forelegs as well before lowering down onto her belly to examine the doctor, the humans eyes were wide and she began to fear for her life, but she did not stop recording, then a series of images flashed through her head, and the doctor realized the goddess was simply hungry…she felt quite happy that she wasn’t eaten on the spot. As the goddess waited, her expression changed through several moods, sadness, inquisitive, angry, strained, and lastly tired, before she lifted herself from the floor, and walked over the woman, one of her claws coming dangerously close to the doctors skin, thick stout claws made for gouging like the horn of a rhinoceros, As the great dragon attempted to make sense of her world, many more images flashed into the doctors head, like daydreams. Scenes of what the goddess saw, A long hallway of cascading stone, pillars of glass and staircases made of ice that never melt, The doctor began to speak as these images came through her vision. “Whenever one of the Goddess’s are born, this building changes in ways that defy our logic and understanding of the world.” The goddess turned to look at the doctor with a smile then looked further back as if to say, ‘well I know that already’, and when the Doctor turned as well, she saw the room behind them had been overtaken with plantlife that seeped into the brick and bone. They at one time passed a fountain of blood depicting a birdlike skeleton from which constantly flowed a stream of blood in a peculiarly , “That would be the Flesh goddess’s contribution, I find her work rather…primal…personally, perhaps it’s the inclusion of blood…”, *The Goddess seemed to scoff at the Doctor at this point, finding humor in her words.*

*As the oddly matched pair stepped out of the brilliant structure, more of such structures awaited them, a skyline of colossal buildings, built into wonderful and astounding shapes, monoliths of architecture of which were a marvel to behold, yet to the goddess this all seemed standard, as she had never seen a building before.* “It is currently the age of the Machine, y-your older sister, the goddess Zanika’s time…but seeing as you have finally awoken…we’ve been desperately hoping for your arrival m’lady”

*The goddess turned to stare the doctor straight in the eye, as her crimson gaze pierced the mortal womans vision, she gained a sense of just how powerless she was before the might of the creature before her, slowly she dropped to her knees in defeat, for she was broken long before the goddess was even born.*

“a tremendous sin has come to pass…”, *spoke the Goddess without need of education nor provocation*, “All plant-life is my domain…and there are so few under my rule…", *she turned from the doctor*, “You’ve probably never tasted bread before have you?”, *the doctors silence told the goddess everything she needed to know as she stepped onto a platform, designed like a diagonal elevator to carry the newborn deities from their birth chamber high up in the Temple of the Twelve, down to the ground, as she stepped off the platform and onto the glass roads of Sundown City, she saw the people around her, gathered by hope, they had been eating nothing but meat for so long, and even then in small amounts due to the flesh gods greed and lust for currency and wealth. And the Floral goddess’s anger, continued to rise.* “It appears my sisters…have failed…all of you”, *the goddess shook her pink mane in annoyance*, “To suffer without meaning is a sin…but to cause others to suffer without meaning, is a far greater sin, I will have retribution”, *she paused before the world then filled her belly with air before her voice broke across the very horizon*

“You whom sit in your towers, cloaked in luxury and languor, and you whom I name my sisters who’ve failed the people I must now inherit, hear my voice and know you will soon pay for your transgressions with a tole that can only be sated by your own suffering. The food you have squandered for yourselves shall rot under my fury, no bread nor wine will touch your lips for a time equal to as long as what you have denied those beneath you. You shall choke on your greed knowing those lesser than you will be given that which you so desperately crave, Heed my voice and despair, your comfortable lives will soon be brought to ruin!”

*Those whom she had spoken to, with their vast families and endowed ritches, now quaked within their castles, the beautiful voice which washed across the city built by a god, belonged to the one they had long awaited to save them, they had expected delicacies to flow from the system they had set in place, nourishment for their mind and bodies, an infinite, bottomless well of nutrition that which any being could grow fat from the fruits reaped by the goddess of flora…and they still didn’t even know her name. Rage, and disgust flowed from the mouth of their savior, and they knew that they had been abandoned.*

*The goddess huffed and walked forward through the crowd of deprived before her, not all were of the low class, in fact there were a handful of high classmen already there, ready to plea for their families, and the goddess smiled for them, for she knew they had done all they could to help the lesser people until they themselves became a lesser folk, and their self-sacrifice pleased her greatly*, “I will begin by taking in any who desire to help others, those who would enter my belly to be reborn as my children, step through my jaws now, but know those who do, will know only the joy of labor and hard work as I do, for I am the goddess whom cherishes the weak and downtrodden, and punishes the victorious tyrants…and I hunger for children whom will serve my will in tending to you beautiful wretches, present yourselves to fatten my form, and receive such girth in times to come.”

*And then the goddess dropped onto her foreclaws, her mouth dipped down and spread out, and the first of her children came, a small girl with golden hair and almond eyes dressed in a ragged blue denim dress, her body shriveled like that of a skeleton, she understood full well what diving into the goddess’s body meant, it was a pledge, that for the rest of her days she would work in her every waking hour to give to those who needed her work, and the goddess closed her fangs over the girl, and with a gulp, she vanished into the great beastial form before the crowd, down into a belly, that would destroy the person she was, and create her anew into a person that would bring love freely to others. This was her purpose in this world, to devour those whom have been denied the glories of love and compassion, and recreate them as beings who may receive and display those glories with others. At first, they trickled into the goddess’s maw, one by one, but as word spread, the creek became a river, and before long, she was engorging herself with claws full of people seeking her guidance, they came from mud, and rubbish, and muck, but with a breath, the goddess would blow all filth from their forms, leaving pristine cherubs which she hastily engulfed, her long throat swollen out as if an elephant found its way through her fangs, and her belly swelled to a great churning monolith, many times larger and heavier than herself. After utterly stuffing her figure to the brim with her vassels, she came to rest in Sundown square, by a grand fountain of crystalline water, as the last morsel of her feast slid down her throat and her enormous gut began to slow its pace, she tilted her head back and gazed upon those who remained close, slumbering in the streets, where levitating vehicles had stopped in homage to this creature of wonders, the Temple of the Twelve with its pyramid peak and cascading support beams behind her, as she faced westward, the fountain to her right, the temple to her left, and her stomach too great to see around before her, as her body set to work crafting the children whom she would guide through this era.*

“I am Sakura Hanaryuu, my beautiful children, in the morning, we shall heal this world”, *as she at long last introduced herself, the still surrounding crowd knelt before the goddess, as she gave them a nod, and shut her eyes, to drift off into slumber.*
Children of Rebirth Ch.1 [The Age of Flora]
Here is chapter one as this is the beginning of the main story, now we get to introduce Sakura in her unique fashion, hope you all enjoy! And hurrah for nom-noms!
  • Playing: Darksouls 3
  • Eating: a Fat-mans Salad
  • Drinking: Coffeh! [twitch]
This is so embarrasing, My production capability came to a crash and burn, I just don't have the fiery drive I had to craft videos right now. The days are becoming Dulldrums, so for now I'll recite entries from my personal journal, keep in mind some of these were written out of anger during my more intense days, so don't judge too hard Kay?


Dear Diary
    Today I have realized that money is not only the the source of all evil, but was likely invented by a very sick person. Should I ever come to possess a large quantity of it, I will donate 1/3 of it to churches and orphanages, 1/3 to build homes for the homeless, and squander the last 3rd, for I am mortal, and my death is assured just like everyone else.

June 8th, 2012

    Dear Diary,

Today I learned how to make Buiscutts and Gravy. Here's the recipe.

123 Buiscutts
2 cups Flour
1 tspn Salt
3 tspns Baking powder
2/3ds Cup Crisco
1 Cup+ of Butter Milk
1/2 tspn Baking soda

[Bake at 450* for 15 minuets]

Grandmas Gravy

[in a saucepan simmer until desirable]

2 tablespoons Olive Oil
2 Heaping tablespoons all purpouse flour
beef broth (as much as desired)
add cream while thickening.

PS: dont forget salt and pepper to taste.


    Dear Diary,

    It's been a while, a lot has happened.

I'm now persuing a career as a youtuber, I know what your thinking "why hurt yourself again? Why not just give up?"

    Because I am human my dear diary, I am human, and that is why I will keep standing up! No matter how many times I am knocked down. For human beings were born to rise up on two legs and walk high through the world of life.

    I am now persuing my career as "The Salty Dragon", if and when I aquire 5,000 subscribers, I will shake this planet, not with roaring anger, but quaking laughter.

    I've begun practicing my favorite accent, Allen Quartermain aka Shawn Connery, on every word in the dictionary untill it becomes true and permanent, like a second language.


Captains Log,

    As I was walking to my mom's hair salon for my daily visit, I contemplated my excitement over the release of Fallout 4 in November, and though she was busy, I said high to her customer and kissed her on the cheek on the way out.

As I left I thought "When I start making an income, I should have the gravel yard beside her shop set in blacktop.

Then the most-amazing thing happened! on my way home, I heard a great roaring sound, as not one but 2 A-10 airplanes soared overhead, close enough for me to see their engins! What are the chances that two old birds would be airborn there at that time? A-10's are my favorite type of airplane.

I'm taking it as a sign from the heavens, to persue my Youtube career with a hundred-fold vigor, and all the charisma I can muster!


Captains Log,
    Its 13 videos into my first Playthrough "Assassins Creed Unity", I feel wonderfully silly pacing my room and waiting for my latest video to upload, I had some trouble with it last night but I was persistant with the PS4 and I think Ive gotten through the worst of it. Recording starts again tomorow, the El-gato frustrates me to no end. When I run out of walkthroughs, I'll put more effort into learning how it works.

I allways wanted to be a super hero, and when this all pays off, I can really start saving people!

Its time to show my Salt!

April 22, 2016
11:19 PM

Captains Log,
    My channel is doing fine, my obsession with swordplay sated with my newly aquired copy of Darksouls III, and yet I feel...empty...

Is this simply my nature?

Why must I be satisfied now? Of all times! Without yearning I will again grow dull and stagnant.

Once again death walks beside me, telling me that I should rest, and I've come to realize the feutility and yet seductive power of Money...that loathsome green demon of Avarice.

for once a new game catches my eye, and I cannot afford it. I will wish for more again, even though I am allready amply sated...

Perhaps I should take up the pen once more, and transcribe the world of my dreams.

    My viewers shall be Thrilled, and I shall rest easy.

{End Log}


United States

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