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Gift: Toraries Bad Morning
Another Gift from my good friend HighSkys This one shows Torarie having stomach aches as she wakes up from a digestion nap after eating something that doesnt agree with her. The absence of his exelent background work is due to the comical nature of this pic. As it is designed to convey the emotions of misery and stubborness. 

Torarie Umbra and Senkai race (C) Me
Gift: Thats Not a Whale!
A lovely Gift from my dear friend HighSkys.

Heres a link to the original:…
He just loves Torarie and wanted me to showcase his work here, I'm quite happy to oblige.

He's quite incredible when it comes to background detail and color depth

Torarie Umbra and Senkai (C) Me

The Dragon run continues! and I plan to begin delivering my promised Vore collection based on the souls series soon. Expect lots of activity this fall, and be sure to check me out on youtube! 

  • Playing: Darksouls 3
  • Eating: a Fat-mans Salad
  • Drinking: Coffeh! [twitch]
This is so embarrasing, My production capability came to a crash and burn, I just don't have the fiery drive I had to craft videos right now. The days are becoming Dulldrums, so for now I'll recite entries from my personal journal, keep in mind some of these were written out of anger during my more intense days, so don't judge too hard Kay?


Dear Diary
    Today I have realized that money is not only the the source of all evil, but was likely invented by a very sick person. Should I ever come to possess a large quantity of it, I will donate 1/3 of it to churches and orphanages, 1/3 to build homes for the homeless, and squander the last 3rd, for I am mortal, and my death is assured just like everyone else.

June 8th, 2012

    Dear Diary,

Today I learned how to make Buiscutts and Gravy. Here's the recipe.

123 Buiscutts
2 cups Flour
1 tspn Salt
3 tspns Baking powder
2/3ds Cup Crisco
1 Cup+ of Butter Milk
1/2 tspn Baking soda

[Bake at 450* for 15 minuets]

Grandmas Gravy

[in a saucepan simmer until desirable]

2 tablespoons Olive Oil
2 Heaping tablespoons all purpouse flour
beef broth (as much as desired)
add cream while thickening.

PS: dont forget salt and pepper to taste.


    Dear Diary,

    It's been a while, a lot has happened.

I'm now persuing a career as a youtuber, I know what your thinking "why hurt yourself again? Why not just give up?"

    Because I am human my dear diary, I am human, and that is why I will keep standing up! No matter how many times I am knocked down. For human beings were born to rise up on two legs and walk high through the world of life.

    I am now persuing my career as "The Salty Dragon", if and when I aquire 5,000 subscribers, I will shake this planet, not with roaring anger, but quaking laughter.

    I've begun practicing my favorite accent, Allen Quartermain aka Shawn Connery, on every word in the dictionary untill it becomes true and permanent, like a second language.


Captains Log,

    As I was walking to my mom's hair salon for my daily visit, I contemplated my excitement over the release of Fallout 4 in November, and though she was busy, I said high to her customer and kissed her on the cheek on the way out.

As I left I thought "When I start making an income, I should have the gravel yard beside her shop set in blacktop.

Then the most-amazing thing happened! on my way home, I heard a great roaring sound, as not one but 2 A-10 airplanes soared overhead, close enough for me to see their engins! What are the chances that two old birds would be airborn there at that time? A-10's are my favorite type of airplane.

I'm taking it as a sign from the heavens, to persue my Youtube career with a hundred-fold vigor, and all the charisma I can muster!


Captains Log,
    Its 13 videos into my first Playthrough "Assassins Creed Unity", I feel wonderfully silly pacing my room and waiting for my latest video to upload, I had some trouble with it last night but I was persistant with the PS4 and I think Ive gotten through the worst of it. Recording starts again tomorow, the El-gato frustrates me to no end. When I run out of walkthroughs, I'll put more effort into learning how it works.

I allways wanted to be a super hero, and when this all pays off, I can really start saving people!

Its time to show my Salt!

April 22, 2016
11:19 PM

Captains Log,
    My channel is doing fine, my obsession with swordplay sated with my newly aquired copy of Darksouls III, and yet I feel...empty...

Is this simply my nature?

Why must I be satisfied now? Of all times! Without yearning I will again grow dull and stagnant.

Once again death walks beside me, telling me that I should rest, and I've come to realize the feutility and yet seductive power of Money...that loathsome green demon of Avarice.

for once a new game catches my eye, and I cannot afford it. I will wish for more again, even though I am allready amply sated...

Perhaps I should take up the pen once more, and transcribe the world of my dreams.

    My viewers shall be Thrilled, and I shall rest easy.

{End Log}


United States


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